New Character Background History

  • Background

    • Where is my character from? What type of society? (E.g.: City, village, outcast/bandit/gypsy caravan, etc.)
    • What were my character’s parents like? Brothers / sisters? Is my character no longer with them? Why?
    • Why is my character in this location? Did they leave their place of birth, or were they born here?
    • What did my character do for a living, up to this point? Education? Training? Work?
    • Would my character have any stories to tell people about their past? Exciting tales or deeds they have done?
    • What would my character value about his/her past (both good and bad)? What experiences have they gone through that made them what they are today?
  • Tips

    • Spell check, use paragraphs, and edit. The point of you writing a history is to get plot's attention. Reading 6 pages worth of solid, unformatted, wall of text will not impress the plot team, and won't make them want to write personal plot for you.
    • Please try not to write your history in the 1st person, or from the perspective of another person. We can't tell what's lies from truth when this is done. Keep them short and factual.
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