Character Creation Guide

For the very first Underworld Ottawa event players have a chance to take part in a unique role-playing “kickoff” that will set the stage for all the adventure in the months and years to come! Before choosing your character concept and history read the following:


Life is harsh in the North, and luck is more often a fickle foe than a friend. You are part of a refugee caravan fleeing troubled times. You might be a homesteader whose farm has been burned, a scholar fleeing intellectual persecution, or a guard not able to find better work. Perhaps you’re fleeing war, dodging the law for crimes you’ve committed against fellow countrymen & women, others strangers you met along the road and found you had mutual interest. Your caravan includes fad, or just looking for a better place and start again. For mutual protection you’ve banded together with a rag-tag group of travellers – smilies and average country folk – as well as a few hearty and adventurous souls. These people seem better equipped to survive the wide and dangerous world and your character is one such person. Everyone recognizes there is strength in numbers, and for now you have that at least.

Your road has been dangerous and weary, and you’ve survived events better left behind – both in body and mind. The terrain is stark northern forest, the dark woods crowd the ill-maintained road, and signs of civilization are few and far in between. The spring has been cold, but the game is plentiful and there are ample cold creeks to keep you clean and your canteens full. Your caravan leader has heard rumour of a valley with a crossroads some days ahead. Shelter beneath the pines at night breaks the cold northern wind but true safety has been hard to find. This might be a promising opportunity to catch a day’s rest in a sheltered area and make some hard decisions which way to go next.

You know one thing for certain as you trudge forward day after day: there is nothing for you on the road behind.




For the first Ashendael event characters will start their in-game experience in one of four unique camps determined by which direction you’ve travelled from. We’ll give you an opportunity to do some pre-game role-playing with other members of your Cardinal Caravan on the Forums role-playing Forums, and start game with your fellow travellers.

Your first task is to decide “What direction has my character travelled from – east, west, north, or south?” Below we have listed some general trends from each direction, offered you some history of the region, and given you some details about the leader of the refugee caravan you’re a part of. Please feel free to read the entries on the Underworld Wiki for each region to give you some inspiration. Here’s the link: Underworld Larp Wiki.


Kingdoms: Jormunger, Mjoll

Terrain: rocky soil, some tundra, pine forest, ice fields

Recent Regional History: Ice Elves and the Einher have been at war for decades, making peaceful settlements on the outskirts of each kingdom ripe targets for raiding and plunder. Constant state of war makes for harsh control by local governments – either to root out political or religious dissenters who “threaten the cause” with their refusal to conform.

Most Common Races: Einher, Ice Elves,

Other Races: Orcs, Human, Gargylen

Suggested Themes: War, Religious Persecution (Jormunger), Political Persecution (Mjoll), Fleeing the Law, Hard Times, Hard Climate

Caravan Leader: Bjorn the Bull, an Einher farmsteader


Kingdoms: Antioch

Terrain: temperate forest, vast underground civilization (Antioch)

Recent Regional History: The ruling house of Antioch is rebuilding after a devastating raid by an alliance of enemies led by a town named Jericho and a rival Dark Elf city named Golgotha. Antioch is at war with Gerdain. Land dwellers may be taking advantage of Antioch’s disarray to dig in and establish new settlements.

Common Playable Races: Elves, Humans,

Other Races: All

Suggested Themes: War, Political Persecution, Fleeing the Law, Escaped Slave

Caravan Leader: An Azure Monk named Michael Sha’relas


Kingdoms: Muab’dib, Gerdain, Bakura

Terrain – Mountain Ranges, Plains, Coastal Waters.

Recent Regional History: The Dwarven Kingdom of Gerdain wars with Antioch in the subterranean realms between them, while it suffers tensions with Berphaunt over a mining dispute. High Thane Belstein looks to the plains west of the kingdom and the forest beyond as possibly extend is borders, bringing greater resources and population to bear in this difficult time. In the meantime a dual dark threat of humanoid insects and general lawlessness troubles the plains and foothills east of Muad’Bid – home of the proud but distant Avians .

Common Playable Races: Mountain Dwarves, Human, Garglyn

Other races: All

Suggested Themes: Shipwrecked, Political Upheaval, Abandoning the Homeland

Caravan Leader: Durin Ironfist, Dwarven Warrior


Kingdoms: Aslak, Felnir,

Terrain: Temperate Forest, coastal waters

Recent Regional History: With the recent Invasion of Tiefanue by Styphon many of the residents of Tiefanue fled north to Teris. The Hoblings of Teris where welcoming, but the sheer number of refugees made them all staying there unsustainable. Some returned to their homeland after the end of open hostilities, some stay in Teris and some look else ware for opportunities.

Felnir, the land of the Savar is not an overtly hostile land but is unwelcoming of people who do not accept their matriarchal society. With the plague still in living memory they are still trying to rebuild their nation it it’s past strength.

The Wolven of Aslak may be few in number but are none the less a strong people, ever growing in numbers. Their pack life give them a strong sense of community, in their relatively untamed lands.

Most Common Races: Humans, Savar, Garglyn, Wolven, Hoblings

Other Races: Any

Suggested Themes: Political Upheaval, Fleeing the Law, Abandoning the Homeland

Caravan Leader: Lîzablé Irons, Ranger of Gaia’s Intuition



To begin your adventure in advance of the first Ashendael event on June 5th please complete the following steps:

1. Choose a new character concept (class, race, skills etc) OR transfer an existing character with 5 blankets or less.

2. Choose a cardinal direction you’ve travelled from 3. Submit a written character history Here.

Please follow new character best practices found at and write in your involvement with the refugee caravan. Also you can find a character creation guideline on our forums at

Once complete we’ll approve (or suggest amendments to) your history and give you access to the role-playing forum at specific to that caravan. Then you can get to know your fellow travellers – and only those characters from your caravan. You’ll have unique encounters on the forums that will shape the identity of the group of players you start off with. There may even be specific in-game rewards or hindrances based on those choices in the weeks coming up to the first Ashendael event!