How-To get started in Ashendael

Welcome to Ashendael – the Ottawa Guildhouse of Underworld! Before you join us for game there are few steps you’ll need to complete before your character is ready.

Step 1: Underworld Rulebook

Please look through the Underworld Core Rule Book to get familiar with how our world operates.

The information contained in the Core Rule Book will help you build your character. It’s a bit of a read but remember we have new player liaisons available to assist with your character decisions and answer any questions you have. They can be reached as well as through Facebook. Remember that you can change whatever decisions you’ve made after your first game. This is called a “remort”, and allows you to completely overhaul your character before you come to your second game. You might try something and not like it, so nothing’s permanent until you come back.

Once you have some idea of what your character will be go ahead and sign up for the forums!

Step 2: Forum Account

In addition to our (Facebook Group) we have a forum we use to run plot in between games, post announcements, and offer you a chance to review recent events. Click Register to sign up on our forums.

This step can be done before you even have an idea of what character you would like to play. If you make an account without having a character then you can still post in the Out-Of-Game sections to ask questions and get to know other players.

  • Username: Generally, people will make their character’s name their username. But, if you have not decided on a character yet, just put whatever you want. You can always change the username later.
  • Avatar: It is also always nice to have a display picture of you or your character. The maximum size a picture can be is 150×150 pixels. This way, when others are interacting with you on the forums, they can put a face to a name and remember you better.
  • Signature: Once your character is ready, you should write a short paragraph that gives a physical description of your character. Also, list your real name and email address for contact purposes. This information will appear under every post you make.

Step 3: Database Registry

  • Registration: Underworld tracks your character’s growth and progression centrally in one central database. You’ll need access to that. When registering, you send an email to with the following information:

Player Name: (legal first and last name)

Referred By: (who brought you? legal first and last name – that person might qualify for a small discount on their next game! We love personal player referrals – it keeps our game growing!)

Character’s Name: (no names of important historical figures, comic book characters, TV characters, movie characters, video game characters, well-known characters from novels, gods/goddesses, or ancient mythological figures)

  • Logistics: Once sent in, a (link login screen: Database) account will be set up for you. This is where you can view your character’s information, purchase skills, and request any craftsman silver or tags during the time that *pre-log is open. Pre-logging is beneficial because you save money:

(Example) Prelog: $50 versus Don’t Prelog: $55

  • Prelog: The period in which Ashendael opens up the database, allowing players to verify that they are attending the upcoming game and to choose which NPC shift they want.

But, make sure that you have the correct Guild selected when pre-logging. You can change your guild by clicking on the link in the top right corner.

Guild Change

Step 4: Character Backstory

1-2 pages, single-spaced.

Keep it realistic and in *third-person. This is a summary of what your character has done up until they have come to Ashendael so make it short and simple. You are starting as a level 1 character so try not to be too outrageous in the great deeds you have accomplished. Just start small, get used to the game, and then work your way up. It will feel a lot more satisfying when you accomplish something great this way.

*Third-Person: Use “he,” “she,” “it,” or your character’s name. Imagine you are retelling a story. You are not the main character though.

Once your backstory is done, you can submit it here.


  •  A great resource when writing a backstory is the Underworld Larp Wiki. The Underworld LARP Wiki page contains a map of the world, extra race information as well as the gods and dragons that can be worshipped/followed.
  • For your character’s personality, accentuate one of your own characteristics. For example, do you love animals? Be a druid.
  • If your character has a sentimental item in their backstory, then you should bring a physical version to game to entice other characters to learn about your backstory.
  • Are you coming to game with your friends? Try to tie your backstories together. You are more likely to get personal plot if you have a group of players than if you are on your own.

Remember you can get help from the Underworld Ottawa staff at any time by emailing us at or the guild ownership at