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New Players Introduce your selves.

(10-26-2017, 07:28 PM)Dest543 Wrote: So better late than never. I'm "Nay's other half" Koryk. I'm technically still new even after having a great time at the all hallows event.


Using this thread as my first post =P

This is my Savar Alt, I normally play Vanagandr.

kitty cat time =P

Greetings! IRL name is Megan, I've been to a few of Ashendael's events and look forward to delving deeper into Underworld's lore and adventures!
Everyone has been extremely welcoming thus far and it's always fun.

Cheers from your friendly neighborhood Archer Druid Avania!

Good to meet you Megan! Thanks for joining us!

Hi everyone!

I am a brand-new to LARP person who was invited to the game by Alex (aka Yarrick).  Thought I should register if I'm going to figure out what I need to get put together by the next game.

See you around!
Danaya <- my real name Smile

Nice to meet you Danaya. Looking forward to seeing you at game!

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