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Valid hits

G’day all!

Just want to discuss this:
“ In  order  for  a  swing  on someone’s back to be legal, both shoulder blades of the target must  be visible for the entirety of the swing. Anystrikes against someone’s back which involve reaching over or around the target are thus illegal. ”

I was fighting a spider in front of me when my shoulder blades took a beating from them. (Not my arms and shoulders, the shoulder blades) based on this I should have ignored the strikes since a person in front of me cannot see these areas.

Is that correct? Should I point this out in the heat of battle? 

Fearlof/Human/23 looking/solidly built but never did much heavy lifting/Bard/Harp/Flamboyant
D'umm/Orc/17 Pretty much average for an Orc, large, green, smashes things. A follower, not a leader.

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