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Learning spells

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to figure out if I learn any new spells automatically when I spend CP to open spell slots or if those spell slots stay open until I find a scroll to fill that spot?  I know at some point I have to find the scrolls, but it is going to be very sad if in my next game I have 2 level 3 slots and no spells to cast with them.

Thanks for your help!
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You need the scroll to study... but if you don't yet have that scroll in your own spellbook, you could ask a more advanced nature caster if you can study with him/her. If you join the conclave they will assign you a mentor who could help with that.
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There are a few other druids that you could ask to memorize from their books. One of the ways many spell-casters circumvent this dilemma is also to join an in-game organization called (The Conclave). They offer some (reference only) perusing of complete or semi-complete spell-books and some of the members can create scrolls or know of individuals who could trade or sell scrolls to complete your own book. The only drawback is - as its a membership it requires in-game coin to continue adherence to the organization itself.
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There is mamy benefits to join the conclave. Depending on your goals and the characters goal, you may or may not want to do it. Regardless, you learn new spells automaticlly but it requires you to memorize from the scrolls to be able to use then day after day. In case you get the scrolls, you can put them in your spellbook afterwards (go see Alek at the log building to do so)
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You are correct, you cannot use those spell slots unless you find a spellbook or the correct scrolls to memorize from. Either speak to another nature caster (Vaela and Marlowe are good options) to share their book, or talk to the Vizier (Annabel) about joining the Conclave. Once you join the conclave, you can come to the tower (NPC camp) and use a spellbook in the library to memorize from. It's supposed to be the biggest advantage to joining the Conclave. You should also get fair prices on scrolls and such, but you would have to talk to the Vizier or Guildmaster.
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