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NPC Camp 2018 - Join the Team!

NPC Camp 2018

NPC camp is where stories are born.
Every member of the NPC team participates in bringing these stories to life - they are our Storytellers. There is no hard separation between "Shapers" and "NPCs" on this team. Everyone collaborates to deliver the stories on site by playing NPC roles. Every team member is also welcome to write and submit their story ideas to the team. We aim to create a variety of content so that there's something for everyone: combat, puzzles, politics, RP. Our goal is to create an interesting, immersive, fun world for our community to live in, and deliver it in a way that is safe, inclusive, and fair.

Team Member Duties
All seasonal Team Members contribute to the team by:
  • Studying the rulebook to have a great working understanding of the mechanics, particular the magic and combat systems.
  • Attending most plot meetings (often online)
  • Completing Module Writeups as applicable including monsters, treasure, and NPCs needed to the HOP on or before the date provided.
  • Submitting prop requirements as needed to the Prop Director.
  • Submitting Instamods including full write-ups to the Monster Marshal.
  • Attending most events throughout the season as a NPC. No longer able to PC at Ashendael events during current season.
  • Working with the Head of Plot, and Monster Marshall to ensure roles are going out on schedule.
  • Responding when volunteers are asked for.
  • Staying hydrated and ensuring you are getting ample breaks, sleep, and food when its mealtime.
  • Helping with tidying up NPC camp when between roles.
  • Performing all IG roles with good RP and solid knowledge of the relevant rules.
  • Doing monster and RP roles to help advance the plot lines.
  • Doing “Crunchie” roles when content is light.
  • Maintaining personal NPC Characters with the theme and players fun in mind.
  • Assembling the NPC team for module(s) you are running, ensure they have a good understanding of the rules mechanics being used in that module.
  • Assisting monster marshall in prepping, statting, costuming and makeup for the NPCs on mods you are running.
  • Prioritizing player fun over winning.
  • Taking a light hand with character deaths unless instructed otherwise by HoP.
  • Delivering an enjoyable play experience including the appropriate level of challenge up to and including death depending on player choices and agreed upon module difficulty with Head of Plot.

Duties when Writing Mods
Coordination with the Head of Plot to ensure the module ideas are appropriate and focused on the following criteria:
  • Player enjoyment
  • Appropriate Challenge level
  • Consistent with Lore
  • Consistent with Season and World Plot

Team Member Rewards

35 Frags*: for NPCing the event (70 for a "double blanket" event)
25 Frags: for the added responsibilities beyond those of an event NPC (ie yearly roles, leadership tasks, marshaling combats and mods, creating instamods etc)
20 Frags: "shaping" bonus available for any team member who provides 5 or more well-written modules to any event
** Frags: our goal is to ensure that everyone's efforts and contributions are rewarded, we're working on a bonus frag system for this. TBA

*:when the frag book changes such that blankets can no longer be purchased for 35 frags, this award can be replaced with 1 blanket instead (2 for a double blanket event)

To Apply
Please send an email to overseer@underworldottawa.ca with the following information:
  • brief summary of why you'd like to join the team
  • what you bring to the team, including your related experience and strengths
  • description of your First Aid qualifications/status (ie expired/current/never certified in Emergency/Standard/Wilderness etc first aid)
  • description of availability
  • any phobias or physical limitations  (these will not disqualify you, it simply allows us to plan better when assembling the team)

A limited number of positions are available, every application received on or before March 25th will be considered equally towards them.
Andrea Quirion
Overseer (OOG Supervision and Support), Head Medic
Contact: Overseer@UnderworldOttawa.ca

Join the team! It's a very rewarding experience

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