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Plot Between Games (3-3-18 0800)

Good Morning,

I have noticed that there are many non approved Histories out there for characters. if you are one of them please send me a copy of your history to hop@underworldottawa.ca so that I can look them over and make sure they are good and if so approved. I will respond in 48 hours to your emails with something even if super busy a time frame on when your history will be reviewed.
Second point is notes. we have had peoples emails get lost do to email traffic so I would like to track when you are emailing us so that we can respond. I have enclosed an example of one. if you use this format when seeking R P from plot at hop@underworldottawa.ca we can forward you a response between each game. Now this is limited to one RP like action per character between games so that everyone can be herd.
If you have any concerns just drop me an email and I will here you out.

James Barker

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