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Prelog OPEN for "A Matter of Time" March 3rd, 2018

[Image: 9BkeKB1.jpg]

Prelog is now OPEN for "A Matter of Time", our February 10th tavern event.

Sign in will begin at 12:00 pm on Saturday. This is a "tagless" event meaning that you will receive craftsman, etc. but will not receive skill tags. You still have however many skills at your disposal as indicated by your character card though.


The rain has worn away part of the valley that was hiding an old ruined study. The last few days people have been removing several books and taking them to storage for historical purpose in the driftwood town hall. REC’s team is looking for volunteers to dig down and see what secrets have been hiding below.
Meanwhile back at the conclave tower the Avian Guildmaster sits out back watching an old rusted Avian clock flare to life. Starting to turn again, he watches with great intent as he tosses some food to the squirrels.  

Welcome to our 3rd Tavern event of the 2018 season.

March 3, 2018

South Stormont Community Hall
2 Milles Roches Road
Long Sault, ON

$35 with prelog
$40 without prelog

Blankets: 1 Blanket

Space Open: 11:30am
Log opens: 12:00
Game starts: 13:00
Game called: 19:00
Space cleared: 20:00

Prelog will be open until February 27th, 2018 @ 11:59pm
Head to underworldlarp.ca/logistics to get 'er done, or if you are visiting, email your character to prelog@underworldottawa.ca

2018 Japan Promo: Any PC that will be attending logistics in person will receive 1 ballot for inclusive Japan Trip. A second ballot can be purchased for 20 dollars to go towards Ashendael’s land fund; limit of 1 per person. Thank you for your support. Good luck.
See Promo for details.

New to UWLARP? Check this thread out on how to submit your character and prelog: http://underworldottawa.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=105


There is space for out of game vendors.

Out of Game vendors, that is anyone selling reps for real money (i.e. Copper), may acquire in accordance with our Vendor Policy:

Vendor fee is $10.00
Your goods are considered "Out of Game" for purposes of IG theft and anyone found to be engaging in OOG theft will be immediately removed and suspended. Your table will be marked with a white stripe to indicate that the goods are OOG.
Please message Alek at comments@underworldottawa.ca if interested in an OOG table.

What OOG goods are appropriate?

Anything which can fit within a fantasy medieval/renaissance faire aesthetic including but not limited too:
- leather work
- jewelry
- candles
- baked goods
- cloaks
- blankets
- clothing
- armour
- housewares

You can accept payment in any real money format you choose however we will ask that all vendors please dress in a manner suitable for the game environment: no jeans, no logos, neutral footwear. If you would like to create a persona for the game, we can help you do so as well.

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