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Prelog OPEN for "Regrets Run Deep" (Nov 18, 2017)

Prelog is now OPEN for our November 18, 2017 day event "Regrets Run Deep"

Prelog will be open until 11:59pm of November 14th, 2017.


Deep below the earth, a ruined city awaits rediscovery. Parts have been uncovered with varying results, yet more secrets remain to be found. On the new moon of the 11th month, mere weeks after a night of falling stars, a reawakening has been foretold. The automata of Jorul Amat, Master Alchemist and Fulminator to the lost city of Erdhmir, shall rise from the ashes of the cataclysm that took their master and continue to work towards their noble goal --achieving perfection--once more.


Welcome to our last outdoor event of the 2017 season.
Like tavern events, Day Mods are one day and tagless (meaning you have your normal uses of abilities and spells, we just don't print the paper tags and trust you all to be honourable gamers).

Remember that it maybe quite cold, especially as the sun dips near the end of event, so please dress appropriately and remember your layers, socks and your woolens.

We will be incorporating a time around 3-4pm where the action will be more conducive to food preparation, however we will not be taking a formal food break.

Event will be followed by our Season NPC & Shaper Appreciation night : https://www.facebook.com/events/1354035321385266

November 18, 2017

Whispering Pines Campground
681 Concession Rd 10
Curran, ON K0B 1C0

$35 with prelog
$40 without prelog

Blankets: 1 Blanket

9:00 am - site is open; any on site are asked to help collect fire wood near the tavern clearing
9:30 am - Log Opens
10:45 am - OOG Announcements & Site Rules, IG announcements to follow
11 am - Game on
7pm – Game Called/Tidy & socialization!

9pm - anyone not staying over night is kindly asked to make their way off site per Whispering Pines' visitor policies (day entry 9a-9p)

Prelog will be open until November 14th.
Head to underworldlarp.ca/logistics to get 'er done, or if you are visiting or making a new character, email your character to prelog@underworldottawa.ca

*if this is your first game of UW ever, your trial game is free! You can opt-in to a new player package for the price of your game that includes an extra chunk of experience you can start with, extra IG coin and item tags of a helpful nature attuned to your archetype (Warrior, Rogue, Scholar). Please let us know in advance if this interests you so we can make your sign-in a smoother process.


New to UWLARP? Check this thread out on how to submit your character and prelog: http://underworldottawa.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=105
Sarah Mersereau, 2017 HoP, fae/ghosts/Favoured
NPCs: see profile
Coffee 2M/1S, Earl Grey Tea w/ Milk, or chocolate

Not responsible for Shawn's actions
Always sewing: winglithium.com


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