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Tickle me sideways?! Wha.. Yes! Thats right in 2018 would like to introduce a new position called the Overseer. Our Overseer will be incharge of all the stuff that happens behind the magic. They will have control over all the little nuts and bolts that make game tick. Working with H.O.P. they make sure the logistics and safe standards are kept. So if you think you have what it takes, Shoot us an email with some related skills how you would improve the functionality of game. comments@underworldottawa.ca

We would like to make a decision on the Overseer before the November game

Overseer (Out of Game Management)

OOG Roles: Duties include:
Delegation of duties as required to complete OOG tasks
Manage number of people in NPC Camp, includes taking on, releasing, people for various roles. Excluding: Head of Plot, Overseer
Report Improvements/concerns to ownership after events
Create and maintain job descriptions for NPC body
Design and implement procedures for smooth operation of NPC body
Review content for general logistics issues and safety concerns. (OOG concerns)
Forwards all Ingame issues to Head of Plot
Primary focus on out of game management
Log duties including setup, payment of landlord, and prompt payment of event proceeds to ownership team.
Ensuring vehicular traffic is restricted to OOG areas including ensuring timely removal of vehicles from play area at beginning of game
Intervening/removal of non-customers from entering play area to ensure continuous immersion.

IG Role: Duties include:
Dealing with HR and logistical issues of NPC camp including oversight of Monster Marshall, Prop Director, Shapers, and NPCs.
Resolve issues diplomatically as they may arise that are not part of the game world
Enforcement of safety standards
Enforcement of IG regulations including spot checking players have their character cards (ie have they paid?), fire regulations are being followed, and that camps are clean.
Audits of players to ensure rules are being followed per the Underworld Canada rulebook.
Occasional RP or combat role as the game demands. NOT to be a primary duty.

Barmy Goat Productions

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