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  Prelog OPEN for "Regrets Run Deep" (Nov 18, 2017)
Posted by: SarahM - 11-07-2017, 10:27 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Prelog is now OPEN for our November 18, 2017 day event "Regrets Run Deep"

Prelog will be open until 11:59pm of November 14th, 2017.


Deep below the earth, a ruined city awaits rediscovery. Parts have been uncovered with varying results, yet more secrets remain to be found. On the new moon of the 11th month, mere weeks after a night of falling stars, a reawakening has been foretold. The automata of Jorul Amat, Master Alchemist and Fulminator to the lost city of Erdhmir, shall rise from the ashes of the cataclysm that took their master and continue to work towards their noble goal --achieving perfection--once more.


Welcome to our last outdoor event of the 2017 season.
Like tavern events, Day Mods are one day and tagless (meaning you have your normal uses of abilities and spells, we just don't print the paper tags and trust you all to be honourable gamers).

Remember that it maybe quite cold, especially as the sun dips near the end of event, so please dress appropriately and remember your layers, socks and your woolens.

We will be incorporating a time around 3-4pm where the action will be more conducive to food preparation, however we will not be taking a formal food break.

Event will be followed by our Season NPC & Shaper Appreciation night : https://www.facebook.com/events/1354035321385266

November 18, 2017

Whispering Pines Campground
681 Concession Rd 10
Curran, ON K0B 1C0

$35 with prelog
$40 without prelog

Blankets: 1 Blanket

9:00 am - site is open; any on site are asked to help collect fire wood near the tavern clearing
9:30 am - Log Opens
10:45 am - OOG Announcements & Site Rules, IG announcements to follow
11 am - Game on
7pm – Game Called/Tidy & socialization!

9pm - anyone not staying over night is kindly asked to make their way off site per Whispering Pines' visitor policies (day entry 9a-9p)

Prelog will be open until November 14th.
Head to underworldlarp.ca/logistics to get 'er done, or if you are visiting or making a new character, email your character to prelog@underworldottawa.ca

*if this is your first game of UW ever, your trial game is free! You can opt-in to a new player package for the price of your game that includes an extra chunk of experience you can start with, extra IG coin and item tags of a helpful nature attuned to your archetype (Warrior, Rogue, Scholar). Please let us know in advance if this interests you so we can make your sign-in a smoother process.


New to UWLARP? Check this thread out on how to submit your character and prelog: http://underworldottawa.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=105

  Item identification
Posted by: Vaela - 11-06-2017, 03:18 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (6)

There was some discussion about this Facebook, but I did not see an official ruling. As some of what was said on Facebook contradicted what I had been told during the game, I would really like an official answer :

Do we know what magical items do?

For example:
If I had a magical item in my loot bag, do I know what effect it has on me?
If a merchant offers to sell me a magical weapon, do I know if it actually is magical and if it does what the merchant says it does?
If the hospital has several potions in a box, can I choose the correct one based on the tag inside, imagining that each kind is a different color in game, or would we have to add more in game labelling to the potion bottles to do that?


  Final Death and Re-Mort
Posted by: JamesAvery - 10-24-2017, 01:20 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (1)

Heya! So my main character suffered his Final Death, and chose not to flip. I know that we can re-mort a new character with half the spent CP on the dead character. Looking through the rulebook, there is nothing mentioned about the re-mort proccess, and would like a little guidance on this matter.
Do I just take half the CP from my dead character, add the regular starting CP for a new character, and buy skills with that total?

  Workshop Questions (Oct 24, 2017)
Posted by: Phynna - 10-24-2017, 12:56 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (3)

I have some questions about Workshops as written in the rule book, page 83:

"Workshop rules:
• The owner of the Workshop must be present at events to have the Workshop used.
• It takes 2 consecutive events for a Workshop to become attuned to any user. The new user must attend the
2 events.
• The owner decides who benefits from the increased production,
• All Workshops must be properly represented and properly sized.
• Portable and Mobile Workshops can be stolen or destroyed.
• Fixed and Factory Workshops, once built, cannot be moved though they can be destroyed.
• Destroying any Workshop requires one hour of roleplay and must be done in the presence of a Marshal.
• Crafting of a Chemistry Formula, a Blacksmithing Blueprint, or a Legendary item will take up 1 slot for
that month.
• PP Increase is rounded down.
• All Workshops are reset at the start of the next event the owner attends.
• Workshops may be upgraded by paying the difference between the two costs, however the owner (and all
users) must re-attune themselves before using the upgraded version.
• An individual may be attuned to as many Workshops as they desire.
• An individual may use as many slots from as many workshops as they desire each event.
• An individual may gain production point bonuses from only one workshop per event.
• Any production point bonuses accrued from a workshop are only usable at that event and will not be
allowed to be accrued if not spent.
PG. 83"

1 - do you only multiply PP earned for that event at Logistics, or can you multiply some or all of the PP you've been saving as you craft that item at logistics?  Rule doesn't even mention Logistics which is mentioned in the production skills part of the book.

2 - how does it need to be communicated to logistics the PP added due to workshop multiplying so as to work properly at web prelog? Again, not really identified in the rules.

3 - if you apply multiple slots to get more multipliers for that one production, say three slots that each give x3 how does it add up?  3 X 3 X 3 X PP, OR (3+3+3) X PP.

  SEEKING: OVERSEER, 2018 (Open)
Posted by: Alek - 10-10-2017, 08:21 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Tickle me sideways?! Wha.. Yes! Thats right in 2018 would like to introduce a new position called the Overseer. Our Overseer will be incharge of all the stuff that happens behind the magic. They will have control over all the little nuts and bolts that make game tick. Working with H.O.P. they make sure the logistics and safe standards are kept. So if you think you have what it takes, Shoot us an email with some related skills how you would improve the functionality of game. comments@underworldottawa.ca

We would like to make a decision on the Overseer before the November game

Overseer (Out of Game Management)

OOG Roles: Duties include:
Delegation of duties as required to complete OOG tasks
Manage number of people in NPC Camp, includes taking on, releasing, people for various roles. Excluding: Head of Plot, Overseer
Report Improvements/concerns to ownership after events
Create and maintain job descriptions for NPC body
Design and implement procedures for smooth operation of NPC body
Review content for general logistics issues and safety concerns. (OOG concerns)
Forwards all Ingame issues to Head of Plot
Primary focus on out of game management
Log duties including setup, payment of landlord, and prompt payment of event proceeds to ownership team.
Ensuring vehicular traffic is restricted to OOG areas including ensuring timely removal of vehicles from play area at beginning of game
Intervening/removal of non-customers from entering play area to ensure continuous immersion.

IG Role: Duties include:
Dealing with HR and logistical issues of NPC camp including oversight of Monster Marshall, Prop Director, Shapers, and NPCs.
Resolve issues diplomatically as they may arise that are not part of the game world
Enforcement of safety standards
Enforcement of IG regulations including spot checking players have their character cards (ie have they paid?), fire regulations are being followed, and that camps are clean.
Audits of players to ensure rules are being followed per the Underworld Canada rulebook.
Occasional RP or combat role as the game demands. NOT to be a primary duty.

Barmy Goat Productions

  SEEKING: HEAD OF PLOT, 2018 (Open)
Posted by: Alek - 10-10-2017, 08:20 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hello and Yes! The time has come to pass on the reins to the next worthy adventurer. We seek a brave individual to run the story arc for 2018. In 2018 we would like our Head of Plot to focus on the story and not be distracted by anything else. So they will be paired with a new position called the Overseer. This will allow you to focus on weaving the story and making it the best experience for our players. So please write a story arc where you would like us to go over the next year/two and send it into comments@underworldottawa.ca

We would like to make a decision on the HOP before the November game

Head of Plot (In Game Management)
OOG Roles: Duties include:
Oversight of Creative Direction of Plot for single or multi-year plot lines Leadership of Shaper Team including oversight of individual Shaper plot lines to ensure quality, fun, threat level, consistency with rules and lore for all modules including adjustments/enhancements where necessary.
Planning and facilitation of monthly Plot Meeting
Requesting costumes/props from Props Director upcoming game
Coordination with monthly Schedule Plan to Schedule Keeper of monsters and men to ensure event plan has major modules going out every two hours, overlaid with crunchies, rp roles, and lesser plotlines to ensure a busy & layered event
Guidance/advice/execution of Shapers regarding personal player plot as their story lines dictate.
Grooming of all members of the Plot team including Asst.Head of Plot, Shapers, and NPCS for assumption greater duties in the future.
Forward any OOG conflicts to Overseer
Focus should be kept on game content
Coordination with Global Plot on over-arching world events and incorporate into game where applicable.

IG Role: Duties include:
Sparse shaper duties including execution of IG modules including solid rules knowledge and good rp.
Remain a majority of time in NPC camp to answer questions about plot developments and questions that may arise during game

Assigned email address: Ashenplot@gmail.com

Barmy Goat Productions

  Prelog is now open for "The Shadow War" (Oct 20-22, 2017)
Posted by: SarahM - 10-09-2017, 06:06 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Prelog is now open for our All Hallows', Oct 20-22, 2017 event.

Prelog will close October 17th @ 11:59 pm

On the world of Athos, on the continent of Maud'madir, few things are certain.
1. Every being will encounter their defining moment. Whether this is an act of valour, of mercy or even just good common sense, everyone has their moment.
2. The Veil between the planes weakens during All Hallows', allowing ambitious beings to flock to the Prime Material, where the mortals live, to seek amusement or a meal.

In the Valley of Ash, as the Hallows' approaches, preparations are already underway for this auspicious time. Dark forms lurk in the night watching the valley-folk stow grain and build defenses, and the distant cries of some unnatural creature can occasionally be heard. While most other parts of the world worry most about demons and undead, the question asked in shushed tones in the Valley is: What of Shadow?

When the veil thins and chaos takes hold, the Valley will be left with a choice. On which side will you fight during the upcoming war?


Welcome to our All Hallows' event, and the last full weekend event of the 2017 season

We will be playing on the lovely Whispering Pines Campground in Curran, ON

As this is an outdoor event, remember to dress for the weather (sunscreen, layers, refreshment close at hand) and bring your camping gear. There are a few 10-man cabins for rent (see below). The Brass Pear will be back with your favourites, please speak to Alek and Andrea if you have any dietary considerations. Tavern menus will be announced shortly.

Unlike Tavern and Day Mods, weekend events are tagged events. If you need some help figuring out your skill tags, just ask for a NPL at log.

Note: With a successful trade negotiation with Mjoll completed as well as a bountiful harvest, Cost of Living for this event is 0! Double blanket, cost free, while you can. Smile

Date: Oct. 20-22, 2017

Whispering Pines Campground
681 Concession Rd 10
Curran, ON K0B 1C0

$50 with prelog
$55 without prelog

Blankets: 2 Blankets

Friday, 2pm - Site Opens
Friday, 6pm-10pm - Logistics
Friday, 10pm - Game On/Announcements
Sunday, 12pmish - Game Called

Cabin rental will be available for this event.
Cabin = $100 for 2 nights. First come, first served. There are 3 cabins for rent only. Email prelog@underworldottawa.ca with Subject Line "Cabin Rental Attn: Alek" to reserve.

Prelog will be open until October 16th
Head to underworldlarp.ca/logistics to get 'er done, or if you are visiting or making a new character, email your character to prelog@underworldottawa.ca

*if this is your first game of UW ever, your trial game is free! You can opt-in to a new player package for the price of your game that includes an extra chunk of experience you can start with, extra IG coin and item tags of a helpful nature attuned to your archetype (Warrior, Rogue, Scholar). Please let us know in advance if this interests you so we can make your sign-in a smoother process.


New to UWLARP? Check this thread out on how to submit your character and prelog: http://underworldottawa.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=105
New Player? Visiting?

Either way email your character details to prelog@underworldottawa.ca

New Characters, please send us:
Your out of game Name:
Who referred you to Underworld LARP:
Character Name:
True Name: (14 character max, ONE word, only plain alphabet characters, no hyphens, apostrophes, spaces, accents...etc.)
Race: (Core Rulebook, unless you have accrued the frags to purchase one from the frag book)
Class: (Core Rulebook)

Alternatively, you can fill out the form here: http://underworldottawa.ca/new-character

Visiting Characters, please send us:
OOG Name, Character, Guildhouse, any rituals on spirit/templates/magic items you are carting around. If you have special plot stuff going on in your home guild that you think may be relevant, please include that too (favoured questing, demon/fae deals that influence your RP) so we can report back to your home guild how awesome you've been.



There are three: Lone, Sister or Library (Alek has proper names for them on the paperwork)

First come, first serve for booking.

$50/night (full weekend rentals only, so $100 for this event), books full 10 bunk cabin. One person is responsible for the rental agreement and held accountable for doing an end game check for tidiness.

Email prelog@underworldottawa.ca with the subject line "Cabin Rental (Attn: Alek)" to book/put on the waiting list.



Located within the Cookhouse, the Brass Pear is ready to provide you with food, drinks and the occasional mini quest.
Usually the gold package is $25 for 3 meals and 5 snacks, meanwhile Copper is $5 and includes 3 snacks. Long Weekend packages TBA.
Reminder - vegetarian and gluten free options are available, just contact us in advance to make sure we bring enough for those who need them.
A poll for this weekend's menu will be added to the invite in the week before game.


Some Guild Specific Policies

1. All fire pits must be approved as have a water bucket or C-rated fire extinguisher on hand.
2. Latex weapons are no thrusting.
3. A red safety light is required. Bike lights, a red filter flashlight, red electric glowstick are all valid. It's up to you whether or not you use it, but for your sake we ask that you please have them on hand. Safety Lights should always be pointed towards the ground or kept about hip level or lower, and are considered OOG.
4. Ashendael currently does not allow red armbanding, however we do have a blue armband policy in place. Blue armbands are for individuals with mobility or combat limitations. While you may still engage in combat and your character will still be at risk, a blue armband is a signal to treat you with care. We ask you to please speak with our head medical marshal, Andrea, before donning a blue armband (medic@underworldottawa.ca). We have limited amounts on hand for loan should you wish to swap to blue armband mid-game, but should it be a continuous state, please provide your own.
A blue armband entitles you to the following:
[*]Lightest touch combat strictly enforced, we relate this to being treated in combat as though you were a young child in terms of speed and force.
[*]NPCs will modulate their speed of pursuit to match your speed of running away, i.e. if you can only hobble, will follow at a slow walk until another target comes along.
[*]You may request "Fair Escape" from the marshal of any mod. This means choosing to disengage with a module and wait where the shaper tells you to for the module to end, rather than having to OOG run to get you character to freedom. Bear in mind this puts the well-being of your character into the hands of your fellow players, if more than 50% of them take an effect (including death), so does your character
5. Controlled Substances: Cigarettes and cigars, okay, but please do so by a fire pit and either use the buttcans around site, burn, or field strip your butt. Please use your prescriptions responsibly and report them on your waiver; updates can be sent to medic@underworldottawa.ca. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on site prior to or during game, and keep your consumption responsible and legal.
6. Once game has started, no vehicles are allowed in the game space, except in the case of medical emergencies.
7. The interior of the tavern cabin is no combat. There are IG mechanics to enforce this, however should IG events lead to combat, please take a small hold and move the scene outside to between the tavern and the hydroline. This is for your OOG safety and to also keep this building in good repair. Should players repeatedly try to use the tavern as a safe space to the detriment of the building (it does have a set weight/body capacity), we will adjust accordingly.

  Healing animals with first aid?
Posted by: Florentia - 09-29-2017, 10:36 AM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (8)

If someone is a veterinarian, do they need to be a physician to heal an animal, or can it be done with first aid (without physician)?

[...] This skill gives a character a much broader depth understanding of the working of First Aid and emergency surgery. [...] Each level of physician will increase the amount of body points healed through first aid bangaging by one, to a maximum of 11. Ig they have demonic/angelic arts, they can use their skills on demons and angels. If they have necromantic arts, they can use their skills on risen in their undead form. Animals may be healed with Tradesman (veterinarian).

Can someone with only first aid and veterinarian bandage an animal?

  Scale vs Ring or Studded
Posted by: Teegani - 09-16-2017, 12:01 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (5)

I am working on the gear of my character for my 2nd session so I can attend with some kind of protection as well as her weapons.
Within the CoreRulebook there is Leather/Studded/Chain/Plate. I am wondering exactly where ScaleMail fits, since you need to chain-mail the scales themselves together with 16-18g as well. 

1st question
Is Scale-Mail considered the same as Chain or Studded Leather? From what I am reading, it would receive a 1 points deduction because its aluminium and scale... but it cant go down more than 1 points (as says the rules... Aluminum Scale Mail only receives a -1 penalty, not 1.5)  So does it start close to Plate and get downgraded to Chain. Or does it go from Chain-mail and get counted as Studded-Leather? It doesnt say where Scale-Mail starts at. (Really not clear in the CoreRulebook).

2nd question:
If ScaleMail is constructed in a way that the back is also Chain (5 ringed 16/18g) behind the scales, then does it give an additional 1 point (from being chain on top of scale) because it is pieces of additional metal in front (the scale) or is it moot-point? Just makes the Chain-mail look pretty and there's no point for the added cost/work etc...?

In this case --- the Underworld armour system is pretty bogus XD! Needs a bit of revision that! Which I have heard echoed by many in the community. Working in history and War museums is interesting, since I get so much 1st sources on this type of thing. I remember from Roman-army literature during the war Museum's Gladiator exhibit reading about the following;

Author - Quotation:
((Scale armour offers better and more solid protection from piercing and blunt attacks than mail.))
 Goldman, Norma."Reconstructing Roman Clothing", in The World of Roman Costume. Eds. Judith Lynn Sebesta and Larissa Bonfante Madison, Wisc.: University of Wisconsin Press, 1994

  Satyr King's Thanks
Posted by: Teegani - 09-06-2017, 10:23 AM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (4)

I thought I would ask here, since I cant get a clear answer necessarily either by players, or Core resources.

After assisting the Satyr King to play a trick to the Winter Court (Sunday 3rd), Teegani was able to trick word him into thanking her. 

"Well, I must say that was much fun and enjoyable gracious Satyr king!"-bowed. He Then thanked me. 
(Then startled- the NPC (OOG)'d without prompt breaking complete character Oh! Uh.. yeah, that doesn't work to you only towards me). 

A few of us PCs were a bit wary of that OOG answer then asked him if we could collect said debt which the Satyr King waved off nonchalantly. (Maybe in 200 years or so...)

After sharing my experiences at the tavern with my good friend Ana- She stated that it worked perhaps both ways. That the thanks given by the Satyr King should have been some kind of favor.

Since I am new to the game, and I dont have access to these kinds of information. either OOG or IG. I wondered if I should send this forward to a Shaper to be tallied somehow. If it is relevant or not... Since the NPC playing the Satyr King  seemed worriedly a bit off about it. Should I or should I not bring this up to Shaper/story team? Or should I not even worry about it?

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