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  normal alchemical poison
Posted by: Veridian - 05-23-2017, 12:29 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (3)

I was informed that my spite blood is acid but in the rulebook it says nothing about alchemical poison cause the call is 50 normal alchemical poison. Does this mean it acts as an acid damage type? Thus would ignore armor?

  Prelog is now open for our May 19-22, 2017 event.
Posted by: Shawn Loader - 05-08-2017, 10:04 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Prelog is now open for our May 19-22, 2017 event.

Prelog will remain open until May 16th.


With the winters thaw past, spring has hit with a vengeance not seen in this age. To the North East many Transport and other Vesicles have been seen braving the storms to make harbour in Driftwood bringing much needed supplies for Ashendael's Keep construction. However some ships continue on north not even stopping to make port. Spring is coming and so too is... Do i hear the drums of WAR? Quickly now dust off your armour and grab a weapon let us Bathe in the Blood of thy Enemies.

Welcome to our first full long weekend event of the 2017 season.

We will be playing on the lovely Whispering Pines Campground in Curran, ON

As this is an outdoor event, remember to dress for the weather (sunscreen, layers, refreshment close at hand) and bring your camping gear. There are a few 10-man cabins for rent (see below), we have a new tavern that will be available it will be run by Alek Lupa please speak to him about any dietary concerns. His long weekend package will be $40 for 5 meals and 5 snacks.

Unlike Tavern and Day Mods, weekend events are tagged events. If you need some help figuring out your skill tags, just ask for a NPL at log.

Note: Cost of Living is in effect for this event as some resources, despite local stock holds and ships with supplies many areas of the valley are flooded and the spring planting has not been able to be done. Cost of living only affects individuals who double blanket.

Date:May 19-22, 2017

Whispering Pines Campground
681 Concession Rd 10
Curran, ON K0B 1C0

$60 with prelog
$65 without prelog

Blankets: 2 Blankets

Friday, 2pm - Site Opens
Friday, 6pm-10pm - Logistics
Friday, 10pm - Game On/Announcements
Saturday, 12pm-8pm : Market Open!
Monday, 12pmish - Game Called

Cabin rental will be available for this event.
Cabin = $150 for 3 nights. First come, first served. There are 3 cabins for rent only. Email prelog@underworldottawa.ca with Subject Line "Cabin Rental Attn: Alek" to reserve.

Prelog will be open until May 16th
Head to underworldlarp.ca/logistics to get 'er done, or if you are visiting or making a new character, email your character to prelog@underworldottawa.ca

*if this is your first game of UW ever, your trial game is free! You can opt-in to a new player package for the price of your game that includes an extra chunk of experience you can start with, extra IG coin and item tags of a helpful nature attuned to your archetype (Warrior, Rogue, Scholar). Please let us know in advance if this interests you so we can make your sign-in a smoother process.


New to UWLARP? Check this thread out on how to submit your character and prelog: http://underworldottawa.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=105

  What You Should Know Before Arriving to Site
Posted by: Ashaera - 05-07-2017, 08:34 PM - Forum: New Player Forum - Replies (2)

Hello Ashendaelians!
With camping season upon us, it’s time for the weekend games to start back up, and for us to return to Ashendael proper. We’ve had a lot of new players in the off season, and are always expecting new ones as time goes on, and people always have questions about what a weekend event is like, and what you should bring. I hope that this can serve as a one-stop-shop to answer most, if not all, of those.

Special Information
Ashendael is not Red Armband active. Other guilds have certain players, with red armband training, that can get a little more physical with other red armbanded players, allowing them to perform any action they can physically do. We do not allow that, even for other players who may be Red Armband Active in another guild. Keep to the safety policies.
Blue Armbands are a guild specific policy. Blue armbanded players are to be “handled with care”, to be chased at a walk, or to request of a Marshall a “fair escape”, where their fate is to be decided on the outcome of the mod in question. These players should not be directly engaged in combat. Blue Armbands are only approved by the medical marshal and NPC camp. (More details should be posted in another thread soon). If you believe you have a reason to apply for a blue armband, temporary or otherwise, please contact the medical Marshall (email below).

Site Policies and Suggestions
UW Ashendael takes place on the Whispering Pines campground, at 681 Concession 10, Curran, ON, near Cornwall.

Overnight games, from May to October, all players are expected to be camping In Game throughout the night, so that means no just running back to your cars to hunker down all safe. The site boasts 3 cabins that can be rented by players, each with 10 cots, bunk-bed style (Each have a basic mattress, but nothing else). Each cabin is rented at a cost 50$/night, which is 100$ for a regular weekend, and 150$ on a long weekend. Cabin rentals go through our log team only once log has opened for that event, and are done on a first-come-first-served basis. Once someone has rented a cabin, it’s up to them to determine if and how to allocate the bunks.
Didn’t get a cabin? Don’t worry! Camp the old-fashioned way like the rest of us. Bring your tents, your sleeping bags, and either a camping mat or an air mattress to keep your body off the ground. In cold weather, the ground will sap the heat from your body as you sleep. The more layers you put between you and the ground, the easier it will be to retain that precious heat.
Players are expected to bring their own food and water for the weekend. And Don’t forget to take breaks to eat and drink frequently. Especially in hot weather, or if you’ve been involved in lots of heavy combat, make sure you’re taking care of yourself. There is potable water on site, near the cookhouse/tavern, however from time to time it is known to have a chlorinated flavor. If you have any food allergies, please inform our medical Marshall , and how severe they are.
Sadly, Laurie, who ran Kristina’s Tavern last year, won’t be joining us in that capacity anymore. Alek has been gracious to take on the role of running a tavern on site, working on a token system. I’ve been told breakfast and dinner will be served at set times, with other food and drinks available throughout the day (more details to be posted elsewhere). However, do not rely on this as your sole source of food. Things come up, there might not be enough for everyone. Be smart and plan ahead with something to eat.
You are more than welcome to cook on any camping stoves you might want to bring, or in any approved fire pits, with the onus of building and maintaining the fire on you, the players. Fire pits always require a Fire Marshall to stay with the fire while it is lit, and cannot eave the fire unattended. A full water bucket should also be at every fire pit to make sure it has been put out properly. Firewood can be brought in offsite, but per Ontario law, needs to be from within 150km of where you want to burn it. You are welcome to take any deadfall you find onsite to burn as well, and cut it down to size as needed.
Your campsite is your responsibility to maintain, and the general camping rule of “leave it better than you found it” is something we should all strive for. With that, each person is responsible for cleaning up all their garbage throughout the weekend, as there are animals who could be attracted, and that’s also how you get Trash Elementals. Bring your own trash bags, clean up as you go, and bring your trash with you when you leave; there is no disposal on site.
*Absolutely no drugs or alcohol are allowed on site*. You are welcome to smoke cigarettes, but keep it to the fire pits. Once you’re done, it’s encouraged that you field strip your butts, and dispose of them in either the fire pits, or in the brightly marked orange cans around site. If you have any concerns about drugs you might need *for medical reasons*, please contact our medical Marshall.
Cars are not allowed on site once game has started. We ask that everyone have their cars moved up to the parking lots well before then. If you arrive late, unfortunately you will need to haul your things into camp on foot. Having dragons roving around that aren’t Firstborn is a big no-no.
There are several permanent outhouses all over our site, so no worries about having to use port-a-potties. While NPC camp does their best to ensure that the toilets are stocked with toilet paper as much as possible, there are times where they may be out. Please consider bringing rolls to replace any empty stalls you might find, or your own personal stash for when you need to duck out. Keep in mind that there are no sinks nearby to wash your hands either; bringing your own sanitizer is generally a good idea.

It’s a well-kept secret that there are indeed showers on the campground, however they only run with cold water, and you should bring biodegradable soap. Shower at your own risk.


Things you should be thinking about when you pack:

  • Socks. All the socks. Do you think you have enough socks? No. Go pack more socks.
    It’s kind of a joke among Larpers of all genres, but nothing makes you feel more human/elf/orc/etc. than changing into a pair of clean, dry socks. Whether it’s a wet event or not, you should aim to change your socks at least once a day.
  • Red Safety Light. MANDATORY.
    Ashendael requires that all players have red-filtered small flashlight with them at log for OOG safety purposes. Site gets very dark at night, and the safety light can be used to help you find the path and to keep from tripping into a ditch. The red filter is *mandatory* to help in not messing up someone’s night vision. All red safety lights are considered OOG and you cannot use those to determine where someone’s IG location is.
  • Sunscreen and Aloe/after sun cream
    Sunburns suck, and they can happen even on a cloudy day, and through makeup. Make sure to apply several times a day so you don’t turn into a lobster
  • Bug Spray
    Bugs suck, and we have a lot of them. Protect yourself with some good ol’ bug alchemy!
  • Comfortable shoes
    We run, we walk, we’re generally on our feet a lot. Be nice to yourself and get some good shoes.
  • SOCKS.
    For when it rains and your feet get wet. Cause they will, because…
  • Waterproof gear
    If you can. We have gotten the nickname Splashendael for how many rainy events we have, and just know that the action doesn’t stop because it’s raining. Having on a layer of waterproof stuff under your costume, or even just a change of appropriate clothes can make all the difference when the skies open up.
  • Warm Clothes
    Sweaters, cloaks, blankets, long johns, anything that can help you when the temperature drops. May games can be cold, and September and October games always are. Mare sure you are properly layered to keep in heat and to stay functional.
  • Socks. Again. More socks.
    But also, any under layer you might wear close to your skin, especially in cold weather. If you sweat and then get cold, that layer will pull heat from your body. Always aim to change your under layer at least once a day. When you change your socks!
  • Green glow sticks
    For Alchemical light tags.
  • Lanterns
    Small stationary lights can be used in your camp and around picnic tables to help illuminate the area so we can all see what we’re doing. However, if you want to carry the light with you out hunting, you need to spend 3 Alchemical Light tags to create a temporary lantern.
  • Garbage bags
    Clean up yo’ trash.
Well, that was long, but that should cover all the basics you should know before you come for a visit in Ashendael. If you have any questions you can email the NPLs at the email below and we’ll happily answer anything.

NPL: npl@underworldottawa.ca
Medical Marshall: medic@underworldottawa.ca

  First Aid/Medical Donation Wish List
Posted by: Phoenix - 05-03-2017, 11:59 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Current First Aid/Medical Donation Wish List

See below for a complete list of requested items. Brackets indicate desired quantity. Links are to provide examples of items, any comparable item will likely be accepted. Any item with a strikethrough has already been offered for donation. Oxygen equipment is a new addition to our First Aid station this season, and as such is at the top of the desired donation list: we don't want you to need our help, but we want to be ready in case you do! Donations will be accepted at the Logistics Table only (this is to ensure that you receive full credit for your donation). If you have any questions, please contact medic@underworldottawa.ca

Small Oxygen Items (<$10 retail)
(1)  oxygen wrench/key,   example: http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/airway-oxyg...?limit=100
(1)  oxygen adapter,   example: http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/airway-oxyg...?limit=100
(2)  O2 non-rebreather masks,   example: http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/airway-oxyg...?limit=100
-------------2nd: https://shopsafetyproducts.ca/descriptio...d=6&id=185
--------------3rd: http://www.emrn.ca/en/respiratory/oxygen...ubing.html
(2)  O2 tubing,   example: http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/airway-oxyg...?limit=100

Big Oxygen Items (>$50 retail)
(1)  oxygen tank,   example: http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/airway-oxyg...?limit=100
(1)  oxygen regulator,   example: http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/airway-oxyg...?limit=100
--------------better price!: http://www.lifesupply.ca/medline-hcs8725...70-cga-ea/
(1)  pulse oximeter,   example: http://www.sands.ca/fingertip-deluxe-pul...r&limit=25
(1)  oxygen carrying bag,   example: http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/trauma-oxyg...?limit=100

Smaller Miscellaneous Items (<$20 retail)
(1 each) Nitrile Gloves (S, M, L)
(4) Instant Cold Packs
(1) basin, preferably stainless steel (or equivalent)
(4) Instant Hot Packs  (reusable options are great!)
(2) Wound seal to stop large bleeds    example:  https://www.firstaidcanada.com/woundseal...ponse.html
(2) Blankets (dedicated, First Aid use only)
(2) Pillows
(24) Safety pins
(4) personal emergency pouches for Medical Marshals (will be stocked with face mask, gloves, pressure dressing),   example: http://www.sands.ca/foldout-glove-holder#prettyPhoto
(4) protective CPR barrier masks for in-the-field,   example:  http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/airway-oxyg...?limit=100
(1) CPR face mask,   example: http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/airway-oxyg...?limit=100
(1) Head/neck/spinal immobilization   example:  http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/immobilizat...?limit=100
(12)  triangular bandages
(*) splints, any size
(*) towels and/or splint padding

Big Miscellaneous Items (>$50 retail)
(1)  Stretcher or solid backboard     example:  http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/immobilizat...-with-pins
(1)  Immobilization Straps   example:  http://www.sands.ca/ems-fire/immobilizat...?limit=100

  Witch Mark and... limbs?
Posted by: Veridian - 05-02-2017, 05:26 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (2)

So with the new update to witch marks, it says " the Witch Mark will activate the next time a person with active magic from the chosen sphere comes within 10 feet of it." Does this mean that it's not activated simply when someone that casts from the opposed sphere walks in range? If not this would mean that while in range they would need to cast a spell or have a spell on them from said school of magic."

As for my question with limbs. Say I knock someone out or they're in their death count... Is it possible to crush/cut off limbs despite not having a skill for that?

  Limited time only Frag Promotional
Posted by: Shawn Loader - 05-02-2017, 12:01 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Hey Everyone,

We are set to have a pretty epic event coming up on May 19-22. we realize that some people have been looking for creative ways to help out the guild or to earn tasty tasty frags. So back by popular demand we are holding a frag sale!

Normally frags cost $3/each to purchase. During this sale, which will run from May 2nd to May 19th you can purchase frags in patches earning a 2-1 or better ratio:

25 frags for $50
60 frags for $100

Please send payment to payments@underworldottawa.ca or you may pay in good old fashioned currency at game.

Happy New LARPING Season from the Barmy Goats!

  build day may 6th
Posted by: Shawn Loader - 04-16-2017, 04:34 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

we will be having a build day on our site. this day is to prep the site for underworld use and help the site owner out with a few tasks of repairs. i will update the list as I find things to do but below are the tasks we are looking to accomplish.

1. clean out cabins
2. fill a few holes in the driveway
3. repair npc cabin roof
4. build a storage shed
5. wire the NPC cabin for power
6. repair the Garage roof if we have time
7. scout a path to the back 40 acres/ make foot bridges to it if we have time

Location: Whispering pines campground: 681 Concession Rd 10, Curran, ON K0B 1C0
please bring your own tools
hammers, axes, saws, chainsaws,work gloves whatever you think you might use over the build day

people who work on the above mentioned tasks as directed will be awarded frags those who work on personal camps will not be awarded frags. more information to follow...

  Prelog is OPEN for "Jonny Six-Swords' Circus of Misfits""
Posted by: SarahM - 03-20-2017, 08:27 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Prelog in now OPEN for "Jonny Six-Swords' Circus of Misfits", our April 1st tavern event.

Sign in will begin at 12:00 pm on Saturday. This is a "tagless" event meaning that you will receive craftsman, etc. but will not receive skill tags. You still have however many skills at your disposal as indicated by your character card though.

See you on the 1st folks!


The Vernal Equinox brings with it the promise of warmer times ahead and levity in the air.
Following the troubles of winter, a welcome word begins to spread: The Circus is coming to town.

Come one, come all, e'er big or small and see the wonders Six-Swords brings.
Come one, come all, with copper or more, to see the baubles your locals have in store.
With bell and harp, hip and foot, dance and make merry with Spring.
Drink and eat, watch and laugh, read your cards and sing.
The Circus of Misfits shall soon arrive, The Circus will briefly stay.
So where will you be and where will you go on this year's Tricksters Day?

Welcome to our 4th Tavern event of the 2017 season.
This event we are hoping to have both rooms open as well as a tavern lite. One room is reserved for role-play and vendors, whereas the other half is for more boisterous activity.
The tavern will be offering water, soft drinks and a small selection of teas, as well as Alek's variations on grilled cheese w/ or w/out bacon, or just bacon.
We are looking for more vendors, please see the post below for details.

April 1, 2017

South Stormont Community Hall
2 Milles Roches Road
Long Sault, ON

(this is the same location as the masquerade, near Hwy 2 and Moulinette)

$35 with prelog
$40 without prelog

Blankets: 1 Blanket

Space Open: 11:30am
Log opens: 12:00
Game starts: 13:00
Game called: 19:00
Space cleared: 20:00

Prelog will be open until March 28th, 2017 @ 11:59pm
Head to underworldlarp.ca/logistics to get 'er done, or if you are visiting, email your character to prelog@underworldottawa.ca


New to UWLARP? Check this thread out on how to submit your character and prelog: http://underworldottawa.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=105


There is space for both in and out of game vendors.

In game vendors, selling tags for IG coins, may acquire a table by signing in with the Ringmaster for 2s. Bear in mind, your tags are considered IN GAME and therefore all standard practices apply to them. Please message Shawn at shawn.loader@yahoo.ca if interested in an IG table.

Out of Game vendors, that is anyone selling reps for real money (i.e. Copper), may acquire in accordance with our Vendor Policy:
Your goods are considered "Out of Game" for purposes of IG theft and anyone found to be engaging in OOG theft will be immediately removed and suspended. Your table will be marked with a white stripe to indicate that the goods are OOG.
Please message Shawn at shawn.loader@yahoo.ca if interested in an OOG table.

What OOG goods are appropriate?

Anything which can fit within a fantasy medieval / renaissance faire aesthetic including but not limited too:
- leather work
- jewellery
- candles
- banked goods
- cloaks
- blankets
- clothing
- armour
- housewares

You can accept payment in any real money format you choose however we will ask that all vendors please dress in a manner suitable for the game environment: no jeans, no logos, neutral footwear. If you would like to create a persona for the game, we can help you do so as well.

  Tradesman skill for scroll RM?
Posted by: Vaela - 03-04-2017, 01:04 AM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (3)

I've learned tonight that I was even more mistaken than I thought about the workings of the create scroll skill.

Now that I know that I need RM to use it, I'd like to find a way to make this skill usable and still reach my original goal in taking the skill, namely to have a modest source of income to at least be able to afford guild dues and spellbook upgrades.

If I was to take a level tradesman : scribe, would that give me 3 silver/ 5 scrollmaking RM per event?

This time I'd like to be sure I understand before spending the CP...

  Prelog is OPEN for "Cracks in the Mirror"
Posted by: SarahM - 02-28-2017, 02:39 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Prelog in now OPEN for "Cracks in the Mirror", our March 11th tavern event.

Sign in will begin at 12:00 pm on Saturday. This is a "tagless" event meaning that you will receive craftsman, etc. but will not receive skill tags. You still have however many skills at your disposal as indicated by your character card though.

See you on the 11th folks!


Word gets around the adventuring community in Ashendael an old man is hiring adventurers, and that he can be found in the Black Goblet Inn. True enough old bearded Tomlin of the Order of the Seed of Torment (a local religious order of mixed reputation) sits and speaks to anyone who will listen.

"I am here on behalf of an old hurt, one that begs remedy. An ancient relic lies in the Catacombs of our Order, a dangerous object and one of ancient woe. A statue, in it trapped an ancient spirit, powerful and hungry. It has been drawing the spirits of the deceased into it, trapping them there. We have reason to believe our own dead - that of both the Order and the townsfolk have been sucked into this dark relic and have not passed into the Next World.

We have locked the sanctum of this statue fearing a particularly powerful Shadow that has taken interest in it. It haunts the passages of our lower sanctum and we fear it. However I have been told by a powerful friend that there may be another way – magics are converging through the artifact and he believes there will be an opportunity to free our lost friends that doesn't require strangers to invade our sacred halls, nor risk interference by the Overshade. We are listening for more details, but would you aid us when the time is right?”
On the eve of February 27, a wild elf on caribou back bearing the Ravencroft colours seeks out Ashendael's guard captain for private discourse. To any who try to stop him as he leaves town, he coyly suggests you speak to Adamus.
A notice is placed publicly asking the members of the Conclave to assemble within the guild's clearing for an important, long overdue meeting. {http://underworldottawa.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=1233}

Welcome to our 3rd Tavern event of the 2017 season, same LARP place (South Stormont Community Hall, same LARP time (game 1-7pm), same LARP afters (Waterview Restaurant).
This will be an indoor, "tavern" event where although you may be cozy inside, combat is definitely a possibility. Unlike the masquerade, this is a fully dry event. There will be no formal meal break, and the kitchen will be off limits this event for PCs.

March 11, 2017

South Stormont Community Hall
2 Milles Roches Road
Long Sault, ON

(this is the same location as the masquerade, near Hwy 2 and Moulinette)

$35 with prelog
$40 without prelog

Blankets: 1 Blanket

Space Open: 11:30am
Log opens: 12:00
Game starts: 13:00
Game called: 19:00
Space cleared: 20:00

Prelog will be open until March 8th, 2017 @ 11:59pm
Head to underworldlarp.ca/logistics to get 'er done, or if you are visiting, email your character to prelog@underworldottawa.ca


New to UWLARP? Check this thread out on how to submit your character and prelog: http://underworldottawa.ca/forum/showthread.php?tid=105

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