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Full Version: How to Prelog
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(Thank you Todd for writing the original "How to Prelog" thread)


If you are brand-new and not yet set-up in the database, please first email prelog@underworldottawa.ca with the subject: "New Character: [Your OOG Name, Your New Character's Name]" with the following details:

Player Name:
Brought by:
Character Name:
True Name:

Please note we need individual email addresses for each player. If you are helping others get set-up, please also provide their email address. You should receive an email at your specified address with user name and password; you will then need to follow the steps below to ensure you are prelogged.

If you are already in the database, go to http://underworldlarp.ca/logistics and select Ashendael from the guild selection in the top right corner.

If you are visiting Ashendael, then please email all your relevant details as above, as well as any magic items and their effects your visiting character has, to prelog@underworldottawa.ca using subject line: "Visiting from [Home Guild name]: [Your OOG Name, Your Visiting Character's Name]"


Once you are in the database, go to http://underworldlarp.ca/logistics

Enter your User Name and Password.
[Image: E5aL9hc.png]

Click "Prelog"
[Image: NbNhj9K.png]

Select the Character you wish to prelog as and click the Prelog button. Or select NPC if you will be NPCing this event, are a season NPC, or a shaper. Note, this will only show character's specific to the guild you have selected. If you are visiting with you character, you must email us as described above.
[Image: a9Z0m37.png]

If you need to choose skills and/or add blankets, click "Update Character". You may only update a character at it's home guild.
[Image: FwCLitD.png]

Select the character you wish to update
[Image: EzREsJv.png]

Character details appear to the left. On the right, the area circled in red allows you to apply blankets. The area circled in blue allows you to buy blankets for 35 frags each. The area in green allows you to add skills.
[Image: 34hwPbk.png]

You can repeat the last 3 steps for additional characters if you have any.